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北数所数据钞票登记中心揭牌 The data asset registration center of Beijing International Big Data Exchange was officially unveiled at the 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference Data Elements Summit on July 29. As the first professional pla



The data asset registration center of Beijing International Big Data Exchange was officially unveiled at the 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference Data Elements Summit on July 29. As the first professional platform for data asset registration in China, it will issue admission certificates and determine the issuance price of data resources. The platform will promote social data, business data, industry data and other data resources to enter the factor market for transactions in an orderly manner.


都门内行艺术创作基地成立 搭建内行艺术平台

The Capital Public Art Creation Base was officially established in the city's Sub-center (Tongzhou District) on July 29. The base is located at the northwest side of the Green Heart Forest Park in the Sub-center. It has a total area of about 4,100 square meters and 6 renovated old industrial buildings. In the future, it will function as an exhibition space, artistic creation and talent incubator and supporting services hub. The base will build a public art platform to promote excellent art works. The China National Academy of Painting will set up the "Capital Public Art Research Institute" in the base.

都门内行艺术创作基地7月29日在北京城市副中心厚爱成立。基地位于城市绿心丛林公园内西北侧,由6栋工业遗存建筑和1座保留烟囱等构成,总限度约4100宽泛米,将提供展览展示、艺术创作与人才孵化及配套工作功能。将来,基地将搭建内行艺术平台,让优秀作品插足城市空间。 中国国度画院将入驻艺术基地,成立“都门内行艺术筹议院”。


The third "Beijing Sports Consumption Festival" will be held in August. Participants can visit the event’s webpage on JD's app and buy their favorite sport equipment at a discounted price. The new "offline carnival" will feature display and experience areas with three themes of fashion, health and vitality. In addition, a special camping experience area and a frisbee experience area will be set up on site. The festival will run from early August to early September.



After 22 years of restoration and planning, Cao Xueqin's former residence memorial hall in Beijing opened on July 29. Cao Xueqin is the author of the famous Chinese classic novel "A Dream of Red Mansions". The newly opened memorial hall will become a place for tourists to experience the traditional culture of "A Dream of Red Mansions". It will be open to the public free of charge.




Shijingshan District strives to create a platform to boost international culture exchange, and Beijing Eight Imperial Handicrafts Museum has become the first partner of the project. On July 29, guests from Finland, Russia, Egypt, Romania and foreign students studying in China went to the museum to learn about the "Eight Imperial Handicrafts of Yanjing (ancient Beijing)", all are listed as China's intangible cultural heritage. In the future, Shijingshan District will hold more international activities and build an important platform for international exchanges and cooperation.



The added value of Beijing's digital economy reached 1.6 trillion Yuan last year, a year-on-year increase of 13.1%. Beijing's Xicheng District is a demonstration area for urban global digital economy, with 71 scientific research institutes and colleges including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as more than 110 key laboratories and makerspaces. The total number of core digital economy industry enterprises in Xicheng District has reached 2,240, including 848 national level high-tech enterprises.



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